Cincinnati Reds Candles Travel Tin 2-Pack

‘+ Cincinnati Reds Candles 5.8 Oz Travel Tin 2-Pack

+ US-Grown Soy Bean Wax (Eco-Friendly)

+ Choose from a Variety of Enchanting Scents

+ Quietly Crackling Wood Wick

+ Burn Time of Each 5.8 Oz Candle is 20+ Hours

+ Hand Poured in Small Batches, Made in the USA


Cincinnati Reds Candles Travel Tin 2-Pack


Cincinnati Reds Candles 5.8 Oz Soy Wax Travel Tin 2-Pack


Keep your team spirit burning bright with premium soy wax candles.

This candle is an all-star. First of all, it smells amazing no matter which scent you choose. Because, let’s be honest, you expect a scented candle to fill the room with a pleasant aroma–right? Secondly it has a special, quietly crackling wood wick that’s soothing to the soul. So special, in fact, the wood wick is patented. Our premium soy wax is made from US-grown soy beans. It’s hand crafted and hand poured in small batches right here in the US. And it features your favorite team’s colors and insignia, so everyone knows your team affiliation. Fans have even said they burn these candles on game day for good luck. Some say it smells like victory.

Cincinnati Reds candles travel tin 2-pack is an officially licensed product and handmade in the USA.

Also check out our 8oz soy wax candle with wood wick and team branded wood lid.

Note: Trim wood wick to 0.25 inches before lighting for best performance.


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Candle Scents

Vanilla 2-Pack, Linen 2-Pack, Sweet Peach 2-Pack, Citrus 2-Pack, Baker's Dozen 2-Pack, Meadow Showers 2-Pack, Lemon Cookie 2-Pack, Fresh Cut Grass 2-Pack, Cotton Candy 2-Pack, Black Cherry Merlot 2-Pack, Balsam Fir 2-Pack, 'Tis the Season 2-Pack, Vanilla Balsam 2-Pack


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