Our Products

the foundation of our business is built on personal care products.
However, we continue to grow and expand into new categories.

"We look for the good stuff because shoppers look for the good stuff.
Simple as that."

We have a not-so-secret formula for picking products. We prefer the high-quality materials be made in the USA. We make sure our advanced technology will print on them well. And most importantly, we only pick products that we ourselves would love to use and keep using. 

Worthy Product Catalog

Premium Smooth Mint Lip Balm w/ SPF 15

5.8 Oz Candle Soy Wax Travel Tin

Small Mint Tins w/ Sugar-Free Peppermint Candy

1.5oz Hand Sanitizer w/ Aloe Vera

Nail Polish + Nail Decals

Hair Brush w/ Ball-Tipped Bristles

1.5oz SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen

Keychain Nail Clipper w/ Bottle Opener

Hand Sanitizer Pen Spray

Magnetic Picture Frame + Bonus Magnet

8oz Scented Soy Wax Candles w/ Wood Wick & Lid

7-Inch Nail File Different Art Each Side

Extra-Soft Bristle Toothbrush

Mini Mirror w/ Clip

5-Piece Manicure Set

Extra-Moisturizing Hand Lotion 1.5 Oz

House-Warming Gift Box

Face Paint

Tissue Pack 3-Ply White Unscented

Citronella Tailgating Candle 5.8 Oz

Hand Warmers Air Activated 10-Hour

Gentlemen's Gift Box - Toiletry

6 Oz Candle Soy Wax w/ Wood Wick

Lip Gloss w/ Beeswax & Coconut Oil

Lip Shimmer to Add That Pop of Color

Extra-Soft Baby Brush

Gentleman's Gift Box - Shoe Care

Gourmet Lopllipops Fat Free Gluten Free

Butter Mints Gluten Free

All Natural Deet-Free Bug Spray

Large Mint Tin w/ Sugar-Free Peppermint Candy

Women's Beauty Gift Box

5.75 Inch Nail File