Worthy specializes mostly in personal care products –impulse items that people use daily. The majority of our catalog is consumables. We’re also expanding into new categories like wood wick candles and magnetic picture frames. Because we understand you’re looking for two kinds of things: top sellers, and hot new stuff that is destined to be a top seller. By focusing on your customers’ interests and needs we work hard every day to make sure your brand continues to grow and expand through awareness and customer appreciation for quality products.


Worthy holds 800+ licenses in more than 6 different sports leagues and numerous household brands. You can find us in team stores, fan shops, big box retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, book stores, and kiosks. You’ll also find us online at Amazon, Groupon, Zulily, Fanatics, Walmart and more.

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Where We Started and How We Grew So Fast

“The Best Rejection I Ever Got.” Read about the success Bo Worthy found by pushing past objections and seeking the American Dream.

We now offer the same high quality products sold by the nation’s biggest leagues for private label and custom B2B printing.

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